About us


Main objective for this Programme is to motivate each other as Refugees since we all have the same problem. We will show ourselves the importance of Self-motivation for achieving success in our personal life in this difficult moment and  how to cope with the crisis.

Through the motivation we also connect with caring people, network with different supporting groups and form a message with one United human beings with no-boarders.

Refugees have been demoralised and disappointed by the situation we are in,No right to work, No right to attend University, No freedom of movement. These has affected our Physical, Emotional and of all, our Psychological strength. Refugees are becoming hopeless and need help and motivation which will show them care

The Programme helps Refugees to utilise their skills in order to help themselves to become self-sustaining and help the German Society as well since a lot of professions and talents are going unrecognised.

Areas we would like to speak bout with Refugees are: Self motivation and creativity, Education, Culture and integration and Finding Voluntary work.

Areas  to speak about with Non-Refugees are : Educating them about refugee problems, Help Refugees find voluntary activities within the community, Welcoming Refugees.

I realised there is no better time than now to use our public speaking skills with our encouraging words for our  fellow Refugees and Non-Refugees.

Let us get up on our feet and get back our strengths and help each other.

We live for change.

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